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strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
Hi just wondering if anyone had bad experiences with these. I'm with them a year and usually have no problem ordering things or returns. but the last two things i ordered still havent got to their depot. when i rang them they told me their blanch depot closed down (didnt bother to tell their customers that were returning stuff) i sent back boots on 22 dec and a faulty digital camera 3rd feb still havent arrived. luckily i have the recript for both as proof i sent them but in future il register them. i think their in their blanch warehouse and they just havent got up off their lazy fkn holes to get them. has anyone else sent stuff back and it hasnt got their. iv sent receipts and still no news seriously thinking of getting onto consumer affairs as the camera was dear enough. LAZY BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!! O:|
skillet Posts: 244
I have been with them for 4 years and in the last 6 months they have fecked up on 4 orders and 2 returns so i am paying off my account and moving to freemans.I also never had a problem untill recently and their Customer Service is terrible. Thank God its not just me I have become a real moaning minnie because of them, cranky phonecalls and awful emails to them.
skillet Posts: 244
Soory forgot to say it took 5 weeks for them to refund my account but I had to keep hassleing them.I had orderd size 6 shoes and size 8 arrived so I also had to fight to get my postage back.Its knackering
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
i hear ya they are not as good as they used to be got a freemans catalogue out yesterday might go with them in future. i got outfit from fA last week but dont know if i want it bloody afraid to return it in case it gets lost again. the guy in customer service said they closed blacn warehouse because everyone kept turning up with their returns would you bloody blame them! O:|
sweetie Posts: 81
I posted a topic on this a while back. Had loads of probelms with them at the time. At one stage the owed me about €500.00 in returns. I had to threaten them with consumer affairs and the small claims court in the end and suddenly the credits were done the next day. I also kept mailing them till they refunded any interest I had paid on these items was refunded. Don't let them away with it, I think they hope people will get feed up and give up.
BirthdayBrideMarch Posts: 503
I returned a €130 couch cover thingy to them the beginning of Feb and they are saying the never recieved it either!! I have my proof of postage so I am going to send it with a letter and see how I get on... Obviously something going on if so many people are having problems with returns!!!
mummy bear Posts: 3824
Oh mi, thank god i came across this post, i have a huge order made out for family album since Mon and was going to send off this weekend, def not now.. thanks wollies, had a look at freemans as someone mentioned and think i will try and order from them..
Baby cakes Posts: 1237
get away from them as soon as you can, i learned the hard way. Was with them for yrs and was constantly getting letters that they had not recieved payment, which was always in on time if not before, they were allocating payments to wrong accounts. Then items not being delivered in the post and me gettign charged for them. The interest alone is astronomical. Finally closed the account and 7 months later got a cheque in the post from F/A for over €600 they owed me in interest over charged. Like what the f**k O:| O:| O:| O:| obviously they got an auditor in from an outside company and Im sure i wasnt the only one. So my advise girlie, get away from the mail order catalogue crap city. If u are strapped for cash, save or get an interst free cc and cc hop from 0% to 0% cc for as long as you can, but best option is just save
lil-star Posts: 3149
hmmmm i was an ebay addict and i seem to be black listed with family album, since i moved they havent sent me out a new album and they refuse to send one out when i reorder it. freemans might be the way to go!!!
wasy Posts: 453
I wouldnt order form them used to work there so should know all business has been transferred to Uk nd they have messed up big time, anyway all the clothes are about 2 seasons behind if ya ask me all those catalogues are rubbish