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mrsdthe1st Posts: 472
Hi Girls I am cooking dinner tonight as both our parents are meeting for the first time my fiance Mum died a couple of years ago and my parents never meet his dad. I am nervous about it and trying to think what to cook so that everyone will eat something O:| O:| O:| O:| Any advice be a great help
snow09bride Posts: 356
try the bbc webpage- i always find inspiration there
mrsdthe1st Posts: 472
[quote="snow09bride":2v4o1cu1]try the bbc webpage- i always find inspiration there[/quote:2v4o1cu1] Thanks will have a look on there :wv
ellebride Posts: 53
This is my favourite website for recipes and they always work: ... index.aspx Happy cooking!
angel1978 Posts: 1154
How about a nice simple casserole chicken or beef. I dont think you can go wrong with that one and it always goes down well with the oldies. For dessert what i do is quite simply cheat. I buy the double chocolate muffins, throw in the microwave for 30 seconds and they come out all gooey and hot and then pour some hot chocolate sauce over them with a squirt of cream on the side. Absolutely delish and in laws still dont know theye shop bought :o0 :o0 Whats worse is they are forever telling people what a great cook i am :-8