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treefern Posts: 63
Just wanted to highly recommend Sunflower Designs for wedding flowers - based in Leixlip in Kildare. Extremely good value, her prices were much lower than any other florist I approached. We used Eileen for our wedding last month and she could not have been any more helpful. Her level of service was fantastic, and she went to great lengths to get the exact flowers we wanted. I just wanted to post about her because I could not have been happier with her services, and having spoken to other married friends, her level of service is unusual. Please PM me if you want any further information. :wv
summersurprise Posts: 1276
I have booked Eileen for my wedding also and shes just a star to deal with, O:o) so hands on and she sat us down and went through everything and gave us a full analysis of what everything was costing, went through all the flowers etc with us in her kitchen. . . so looking forward to seeing my flowers! :wv
ccmar2010 Posts: 123
Hi Treefern, Can you PM me the details please? I'm getting married in Lucan next year so Leixlip would be perfect for me too. If you don't mind can you also send me an indication of cost? Thanks, :thnk
macsmissus Posts: 928
Also using Eileen, she is just amazing and such a nice lady. Will PM you her details ccmar2010
nichen Posts: 111
I am using Eileen too have my wedding soon, highly recommend her and her rates are fantastic
pipsnips Posts: 260
can i have her details to please thanks
circus123 Posts: 379
would you mind pm'ing me the details too please and an idea on price if you don't mind :-8 :thnk
nelly25 Posts: 142
hi, loads of people using Eileen, she sounds great. can one of you ladies send on her details are rates? Thanks so much :thnk
little red Posts: 33
hi could someone pm those details to me too please and a rough price too thanks :-8
Mrs B 2012 Posts: 47
Hi could someone pm me details aswell...thanks a mill :)