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december Posts: 1141
Can anybody help me with this? Any time I click on the link I get a big "Debug" gobbledygook message?
Minxie Posts: 884
the site is fuct. needs clearing out I think...everyones getting it. Double posts etc..
halo Posts: 1406
yep, was off to search for a topic, and got the debug string too. Think we've just clogged the boards up waaaay too much...
Astra Posts: 1409
Yeh it's crap at the mo. Drove me mad yesterday saying Service Unavailable :x Can't get into "view posts since last visit" either. WOL team - get your paws off the mince pies and mulled wine and fix your site......roight?
december Posts: 1141
Okay WOL dudes - you have had your Christmas off, now get back to work!!!!! :twisted: