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January Baby Posts: 1427
Hey! I picked up some Santogen ProNatal+Omega 3 today & I remembered you had used this. Just wondering did you still continue to take Folic acid or was the Santogen ProNatal Enough? :wv
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
Hi Babycrazy! Hi-jacking Babymads post!!! I started with Santogen Pro-natal with Omega 3 the month I got my BFP. I consulted my GP and was told there was no need to take extra folic acid. When I did get my BFP I continued taking it for another 3 weeks (took it in total for about 8 weeks), it didn't agree one piece with my tummy and I had awful diahorrea :-8 :-8 Doc took me off it straight away. x
Baby Mad Posts: 1756
:ooh my first FAO message and you hijacked it...........just kidding :o0 Hiya babycrazy. No I didn't take any other folic acid, I think there is enough in the Sanatogen and remember you also get folic acid from certain foods. I still take the Sanatogen (when my nappy brain reminds) me and haven't found any upsets with it. I think I'll continue after my pregnancy as well. Can't do any harm :wv
January Baby Posts: 1427
Thanks a mill Baby Mad & Babycakes. I'll start taking this from this evening! Baby Mad cannot believe how close you are now - :lvs
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
:o0 Babymad I'm a disgrace, I'll post you your very own FAO message soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!