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mackenzie Posts: 190
just wondering girls what style of writing are you having on the inside of the invites? also what colour ink are you using, i dont know is it possible to buy gold or silver ink? I asked in one cartridge shop he didn't think i would be able to get it.............. thanks
Jawl Posts: 8881
The insert template is on my work computer but I'll let you know the font tomorrow. Using black ink just.
mackenzie Posts: 190
Bride55 Posts: 18
I have downloaded our font from - they have a huge selection of fonts for free
petersgirl Posts: 1568
I used edwardian script for names and venue, the rest was in Lucida Grande :wv
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
Were using Edwardian too (got a logo designed which used Edwardian so that decided it for us) ink colour were using blue it's the main colour of the wedding. I have to say sometimes I find gold and silver very hard to see on invites but if you played around with the "other colour" section you could find a nice orange/yellow or a grey which could look gold or silver. Worth a try. (in saying all that did a mock of my invite last night - perfect in my head, cheap and tacky in real life, devastated :o( )
NCBride Posts: 45
You can't actually print in gold, has to be embossed or done with gold leaf. Think you can print something thats kind of gold but it might not look too fab.
Jawl Posts: 8881
[quote="Jawl":3ht8cdta]The insert template is on my work computer but I'll let you know the font tomorrow. Using black ink just.[/quote:3ht8cdta] It's Monotype Corsiva!
Bm10 Posts: 296
I use the monotype corvisa too Jawl. For printing in gold, there is instructions at this link [url:4n31l4u1]http://www.diywedding.ie/candypress/scripts/openExtra.asp?extra=16[/url:4n31l4u1] If you print on pearlescent card/paper it turns out really well ! and the same for silver, just use one of the lighter greys on the pearlescent and it comes out as silver ! Good luck Kx
bridee2b Posts: 2534
This is my least favourite topic of conversation... Flicking invitations!! Anyhoo, nothing finalised, but we are playing with the font 'Bradley Hand' at the moment... No reason why, I think it was one that we both liked, and it kinda fitted in with our 'theme'... I'm afraid I can't help you any further on invitations...