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Ladybird123 Posts: 77
Hi Ladies, I used Daintree for my wedding invitations last year. Had I been aware of the below I would not have used them and will not be using them in the future. I just wanted to make other brides aware of Daintree's refusal to stock or display any items 'promoting same sex marriage' this includes a cake topper with two grooms from a supplier in their wedding hub. I personally believe that this discriminatory behaviour should not be rewarded and would encourage others not to give Daintree their business. We have all made the decision to marry or enter a civil partnership because we have met our soulmates and want to make a formal commitment to spend the rest of our lives with them. Suggesting that the validity of this commitment is different depending on the gender of our partners undermines all of us and the commitment we have made or are going to make.
bee0606 Posts: 691
Wow, thanks for posting this. I had looked at Daintree a while ago when doing my research for wedding invites. Definitely won't be using them now.
Fruice Posts: 677
Buddycat Posts: 109
That is truly shocking, I'm very glad I didn't give them my business when we were looking for invites. Certainly would never use them in the future after hearing that. :eek
Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
I love how he is more than willing to take the money of gay customers! Hilarious! I used to love this shop when I lived in Dublin, feel a bit sad now for shopping there.
Bickie Posts: 37
Absolutely disgraceful! I've been in and out of the shop to pick my save the dates, thinking about invitations, etc. - was so close to purchasing and so glad I didn't! Will definitely be taking my business elsewhere. It's a shame, the Wedding Hub in particular is such a great idea and great for independent designers, etc. I really hope they read this thread and see just how backwards this position is. I just feel sorry for the staff, who seemingly are in disagreement with the owner's policy
wedo Posts: 219
MrsGilhooley Posts: 1235
Hmm... He's obviously not up to speed on Pope Francis' latest Word.
bubbles890 Posts: 83
Thanks for posting, i will be avoiding Daintree in the future! >:o(
eg4mg Posts: 4
I'm so glad someone posted this. I feel very strongly that it should be made a sticky, particularly if weddingsonline officially welcome same-sex couples and reject advertising from homophobic sources. Utterly disgusting. For the record, I tried to post a YouTube link to Same Love by Macklemore, but weddingsonline told me it looked "too spamy" (sic). Perhaps a look at their spelling policy might trump a policy on links?