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Doll Face Posts: 3721
OK i just took another look and if ya stare at her long enough she freaks ya out !!! H2b was just lookin at the pics on the web he said you one with the tits hangin out was shockin so i said i loved that dress :o0 :o0 I think hes abit worried that ill arive in a mini skirt with the ti*ts out now :o0 :o0 Ill leave him stew for a while before i tell him ill be a pure lady on the day and my ti*ts will be kept in at least till the evening ........ >:o) >:o) Lexi im realy looking forward to being Mrs B.......It might make me sound all grown up and responsable............( i said might) :o0 :o0 Its your dds communion this week isent it ??? My DS is next week i collected his suit yesterday ...........he looks so cute in it , Its all cream !!! i cant wait for it now :o)ll :o)ll PS Thanks for the horlicks winner but i much prefer a west coast cooler :o0 :o0
*Lexi* Posts: 2600
ya its her communion this saturday im stressed already having a few family members to stay so have to scrub the house and i still have to sew about a million seed pearls onto her communion cardigan :o( i say ur little fella will be gorgeous in his suit the heartbreaker
Doll Face Posts: 3721
It is stressful all them people ya have to visit and how the hell do ya keep them clean on the day ............my son is gona be filthy in about 5 mins :o0 I bet your little one will look georgous :lvs :lvs As for the sewing part i dont know how ya do it ...im more of a ring mammy and ask her to sew it kinda girl :o0 :o0 Ps i dident know T*its was a bad word they change it to tits :o0 :o0
juicykay Posts: 124
does anyone else think that she looks very like princess fiona from sherk :ooh
Doll Face Posts: 3721
Yes.... But what i dont understand is why you would do that to yourself on your wedding day :eek :eek Shes a freak !!!! there all freaks .......
juicykay Posts: 124
hey honey lets dress up as shrek for our wedding ............ uh huh ... am can i have the ring back please!! :o0
Momma Posts: 427
[quote="juicykay":29m0h7t6]http://tackyweddings.com/2009/04/28/shrek-wedding/ does anyone else think that she looks very like princess fiona from sherk :ooh[/quote:29m0h7t6] Post of the day!!! :o0 Lunatic Asylum I think! what a deadly website tho - am loving it
juicykay Posts: 124
its frightful how alike they look !! :o0 :o0
joker Posts: 2789
lexi you should have put a warning not to look the post close to bed time... i'm gonna have nightmares!