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Perci Posts: 3847
Just wondering how you're getting on, did you contact your Obs?
theoracle Posts: 7664
Hi Augusta, thanks for asking. I wasn't at work the last 2 days and had no opportunity to log in. I got a copy of my results, but the values read different from yours. Basically, there were 6 things tested, and my bilirubin, total proteing and albumins are fine and within the normal limits. However my liver enzymes ALT, ASP and GGT are all high with ALT being 3.5x the normal limit. I read up on it a little and it seems that they can be 50x as high before they indicate liver damage, so the results are high but not v bad. GP said they will probably test me again on Tuesday (have appt then) and keep an eye on me. I am still itchy but I cut out milk (used to drink 5-6 glasses a day) and drink more water instead and that has helped - not as bad at the mo and Urine (sorry if TMI) is not dark anymore either.
Perci Posts: 3847
Glad you're ok! I think it was my bilirubin results that the consultant gave me and were elevated. Anyway, at least you have appt next week. Good luck.