FAO Irish bride

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Duffers Posts: 1841
Hiya Irish Bride, Hope you dont mind me asking but when you said you tested 3 times before you got your BFP did you feel it wasn't your month? What made you test again (AF?) ? Also were you on the pill? For me last AF was Dec. Off pill since then and still no sign of AF. Im gonna check with doc but just said id ask you if you dont mind? :-8
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Mrs Legolas, don't be waiting for a reply from Irish Bride any day soon, as she just had her baby girl yesterday :o)ll :o)ll :wv
Duffers Posts: 1841
Oh thanks Tigletts!! I didnt know. Big congrats to her and DH O-O :o)ll O-O :o)ll O-O :o)ll