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ms jolie Posts: 166
Hi guys Could someone please translate into Irish: "Do the Australian girls like hearing the irish language" Or something to that effect! Is this correct: "Ar mhaith le na cailini AstrĂ¡lach na cupla focal"
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Mrs Jolie, 'Ar mhaith' means 'Would' as in 'would they like'. If you want to say 'do they like' you would say 'An mhaith' Also, cupla focal is a couple of words or not literally means, 'a few words'...if you wanted to say maybe 'cupla focal Gaeilge' to differentiate that it's the Irish language you are talking about or else you could say 'teanga Gaeilge' which is the literal translation for 'Irish language'. Hope that helps.