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Spoon Posts: 207
Hi; I hope you are well? I havent been on much lately as i finshed word 15 weeks ago due to major Placenta Previa, all has setteled now thank god! and havent bled from i was about 34 weeks. babys head is engaged and weighs roughly about 7 pounds 8. i was up yesterday for a check up and have to go back up again in one weeks time as they are keeping a closer eye on me as i am now classed as high risk due to my placenta lying low. I was due to hace c section, but now that placenta has moved up and babys head is engaged i am going natural, hopefully sooner rather than later.. any tips on how to speed things up a bit???? i never thought it would go so so slow towards the end.
Tigletts Posts: 2904
hey there.... we were wondering where you'd gone to from the Sept Mammies post. Glad to hear you're better, almost there now. Sorry for hijacking, just wanted to say hello. :wv