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hagfromhell Posts: 2146
I have 12 weeks left and I am starting to stress out so much about the photos. I am a size 20 and usually hate having my photo taken. I can't motivate myself to lose any weight and that is making me feel even worse :o( :o( . Anyone got any tips or is it time to pop a few happy pills to make myself feel better :hic
mrswifey Posts: 775
Hi, Well I hear the best thing for motivation is Weight Watchers, am thinking of joining it myself. You still have 3 months, could potentially lose a fair bit of weight in the 12 weeks. In my opinion, there is still time to do it, so don't despair, you just need a good kickstart (trying to convince myself here too!!). But also, don't freak yourself out, you will look fabulous and radiant on the day regardless girl!
murielswedding Posts: 372
Hi you have 12 weeks left and the healthy rate of weight loss being 2lb a week you can lose 24lb before your wedding! im sure you dont need a long list of things on what to eat etc, but if you write down what you want, and what you need to do to get it, then that in itself will motivate you to get started, visualise yourself 24lb lighter on your wedding day, tell yourself you are slimmer, imagine every detail and then get walking, and eating healthy, special k diet is online mite be a cheaper kick start option and once you loose the first few pounds that will spur you on, good luck
rk16 Posts: 190
hi designerwine I dont know if this helps its a bit of a sucess story, (well halfway through a sucess story another bit to go) I got my dress last oct and was a size 18 in regular clothes, the women in the shop measured me and said that i needed a size 24.... so after a few weeks of depressing myself about it i got my arse into gear, i cut out the bad stuff that i no puts weight on me, white bread, potatoes etc, and now write down everything i eat, ive lost a total of 1stone and half since then, i was in weight watchers a few years ago and found it brill and im basically doing same thing without going to the class, i weigh my self every week with my sister and this keeps me motivated, so that im not fooling myself. I went to collect the dress yesterday and it was way toooooo big.. :o)ll :o)ll espically in the chest and shoulder areas, thats where my weight falls off first.. im not getting the dress altered till 3weeks prior to the wedding cus the more weight i loose even at 1-2lb a week it keeps me motivated......you have plenty of time to loose between 18-24lb before your wedding at a slow and healthy pace.....good luck with it..
cazza1981 Posts: 451
Hi designerwine, I am a size x and bought my dress 2 weeks ago size x I am after joining WW and since just before Christmas i have lost half a stone, I must admit though i haven't gotten into since after Christmas but i am aiming to lose about 2 stone before August. Starting jive and salsa dancing tonight. Also my OH said to be don't lose too much you want people to reconise you in photos in years to come. How sweet of him. You will look fab on your wedding day even if your a size 10 of a 20 cos i know i will feel like a million dollars.
msb Posts: 399
Hi, Don't despair! I can also really recommend weight watchers, its the most normal way of losing weight at a normal pace, forget trying to do any of the milkshake diets, they just make you miserable and the weight will pile on again afterwards (voice of experience!), if you really stick to the weight watchers plan and write down everything that passes your mouth, you will most likely lose 3-4lbs the first week and steadily 1-2lbs after that... It really works and the meetings are soooo helpful for getting ideas for yum recipes etc. You can still have treats like chinese and wine at weekends as long as you plan ahead and allow enough points for it, and they have yummy choc bars that are low points so you can have these also, it does'nt feel like you're depriving yourself! If you didn't want to go alone rope in a friend to go with you, once you have been once or twice you won't mind going into the meetings and seeing that there are so many people just like yourself!! Give it a try, nothing to lose but the lbs!! Good luck :wv
BigBird1 Posts: 1727
Hi, WW is definitely the way to go, ive tried those faddy diets, lipotrim etc,and have to admit,they're great at the time - i lost loads on it, but your stomach is so weirded out when you start to eat again you go mad eating everything!! (well i did anyhow - and though laziness and neglecting to monitor what i ate, within 1.5yrs im over a stone heavier now than when i started it) I joined ww the week back to work after xmas, and im down 10lbs already. Best thing about it is you can still treat yourself, and believe me i do!! My weekends are so messed up i can never control what i will eat, so i am usually really good during the week and then on weekends i know i can be a bit bad! I'm between 18-22 depending on what shops i go into, so have a loooooooooooooooooooooooot of weight to lose, but hopefully il get there!! Definintely try weightwatchers, the classes can actually be a laugh!! Our leader is a bit harmless but the other women in the class are what makes me keep going back! (oh, and to see those scales drop drop drop -Hopefully!) Best of luck with it! !!
valentine09 Posts: 681
I got a dog so I have to walk everyday. Borrow a friends dog and get out there in the rain, cold etc. Remember you wont rust. The dog will love you and soon you will look forward to the walk. WW is also very good. I went back for the 4th time (prob) last april and have lost 2 stone. I cut out bread except for weekends and make the soup. God knows its lovely these days. Good luck.
gouganebride09 Posts: 557
Best of luck ladies with the weight loss!! I would love to try and lose weight but I am not motivated really at all. Just a quick question for those of you who got ur dresses where did you go and what style did you choose?