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little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Have been thinking about you all day. I hope your D&C went ok for you pet and your at home resting. Hope to see you back on here soon. PM me if you need a chat. :xxx
Lady Di Posts: 2487
I second LMS - hope you're doing OK Septemberprincess....
mummy bear Posts: 3824
Me too, thinking of you and dh at this very sad time pls mind yourself :xox
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
I'm soo sorry for your lost pet, you'll get it through it whatever way you can, know that you are allowed to be happy, sad, crying, angry... it's whatever gets you through... How far along were you? I'm really sorry for your loss. MTW XOXO
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Ah ye are so good - I just logged on and first post I saw was Mrs Lit. Sunshines so am so happy for you hun. I am okay, quite postive. Went in a 7.45 and didn't get down till 3.30 - was a bit upset at that stage and there was confusion so I had to wait in bed outside the operating room while a baby was being born by c section. I was just sitting with the Dad while he got ready to go in and when I thought things couldn't get much worse he came out with the new born but instead of feeling bad I feel good - it was lovely to see and I thought that is the worst thing I could have seen and if I can survive that, I will be fine. Op only took 10 mins and I was able to go home that night. Work and everyone have been brillant. I am not trying to make light of what happened as I especially don't want to upset anyone that has gone through it but I feel I can put the chapter behind me and start again in a few months. Of course hearing Sunshines BFP is a great boost !!
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Sorry i should have added that I can't PM - must ask Fiona to get that function back for me but just saw more PM's there and sorry that I can't reply to ye but thanks for them. It's weird to think that I don't even know any of ye but yet they really lift my spirits.
twinssep Posts: 1242
hi hun i have been thinking of u loads hun u sound so brave dont stay away too long we are all here if u ever need a chat
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
septprincess I am glad to hear you are feeling so positive. It was only a + on opk that I got not on hpk so fingers crossed it might lead to one. I just felt it was a major mile stone for me. Take some time out for you and DH. I felt the week I was off after D&C really brought me and DH close together. Could you plan a weekend away? We did this and found it was really good for us. Take care pet :xxx
Sphynx Posts: 6795
September Princess you are one brave lady! I think it's terrible that you had to see a newborn baby right before your operation O:| But, as you said yourself, it's not going to get much worse than that so I hope the easier times will start for you soon. Like LMS, we went away for a couple of days just to get away from everyone asking how we were and it did us the world of good. Keep in touch and mind yourself :xxx
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Sorry LMS thought it was a BFP. Maybe it was a sign!! Enjoy all the BD'ing and have everything crossed for you :wv :wv :wv :wv :wv