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Baby Mad Posts: 1756
Hiya Pet Just thought I'd leave you a little post wishing you the very best of luck with your impening labour :o0 :xxx Looking forward to hearing about your little babs. P.S. Being a mammy is just the best :lvs
sinion Posts: 6050
God, i'm emotional enough as it is, you've just set me off again :o0 Thank you so much, really appreciate your thoughts, just about hanging in there and waiting waiting waiting! Damn me and my comfy uterus... Can't wait to be a mum! Hope you're getting on well xx
Baby Mad Posts: 1756
Don't worry pet, it'll happen soon enough. My little man was 12 days over and worth the wait. Enjoy your bump, I miss mine terribly. I know he's here with me and I wouldn't have it any other way but I miss it being just me and him and feeling him moving so enjoy every last minute of it. I love being a mammy and we're now at the stage of lots of laughs, giggles, gooing and gaaing and it just melts my heart :lvs You have it all ahead. Best of luck :xxx
sinion Posts: 6050
Aww, I can't wait for that stage! I know what you mean about missing him in you, I really feel that i'll miss that closeness when babs is out, it really is the most amazing bond having your baby inside you :lvs I didn't realise you went 12 days over, eek!
mrs ddt Posts: 3235
OMG Sinion you're overdue :eek :eek :eek Remember you getting your bfp and it only seems like yesterday. Best of luck pet, hope your little bundle is with you soon :xxx :xxx
rock-n-roll-wife Posts: 6579
oooo sinion!! i bet you're going mental with the wait! hopefully it'll happen soon!!! x
maisedon Posts: 1394
Best of luck Sinion :lvs This time next week you'll surely be holding him or her in your arms!! :xox
sinion Posts: 6050
Thanks so much guys :lvs Still here, getting loads of cramps, BH and false labour contractions for weeks now so something has to happen soon!
sherbetlemon Posts: 927
Fingers crossed it'll happen soon Sinion. x :wv
djdee Posts: 2118
Best of Luck Sinion, been thinking about ya xxxxx :lvs :xxx :xox :lvs :xxx :xox :xxx