FAO: Wimmin Who Had Nausea in 3rd Trimester

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hestia Posts: 2368
We're getting very technical now, but this query has less to do with medical relevance than my raging rumbling tummy. Afflicted with chronic sickness interfering with an otherwise gargantuan appetite these last few months, does the nausea usually subside on birth and will my appetite be restored promptly? Please note tone of desperation and panic. I spent the weekend fantasizing about garlic mushrooms. I began to see them everywhere like Fr. Ted hallucinating when giving up the smokes. Bet nature has one final joke up its sleeve and it'll last another month or summick. Lie to me. Please.
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
I also want to know the answer to this question, I'm planning a feast of Royal proportions of all the foods that made me vom or gag at for the last 7 months after baby is born :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
oldwife Posts: 170
Oh I'm the same. I'm planning on picking an indian up on the way home from the hospital!! :o0 I've heard people say before that their heartburn stoped straight after birth!!
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
My dd is making her confirmation in May so I haven't that long to gorge myself before I have to think about getting rid of this spare tyre :duh:
redroses Posts: 714
I had terrible ms for the first 14/16 weeks of this pregnancy,cue hospital stays for fluids to rehydrate...yuck. i still get days where im so nauseaus now. However on dd, i was sooooo sick,and it lasted up until i was 25 weeks, i had 6 weeks with no sickness and then bang, it returned until i delivered almost two weeks overdue. About an hour after the birth my brother was coming in to see me and asked did i want anything, i got him to bring me in chipper food,i had two battered sausages, a curry cheese chip and a chicken fillet burger all washed down with a strawberry milkshake, i ate the whole lot and had no heartburn!! So in answer to your question i felt instantly better once dd was born, i was starving but actually able to eat.
hestia Posts: 2368
Yes, the re-hydration routine wasn't meant to be in my script either. Another boobytrap detonated by the goblins of gloom. Anyway, that's music to my ears, Redroses. Thanks. I've wheeled out enough naff questions to these zygote doctors to last me a life-time of shame. I just couldn't stump up this one with a straight face last time round. Two males who looked like they were on their way to their confirmation. There's a line I'm unwilling to cross with folk who look like I could've given birth to myself. Fingers crossed the rest of yiz eh. G'luck. p.s. I don't even like garlic mushrooms.