FAO YORKIE:Urgent!!Next outfit for DS Christening

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martinpatrick Posts: 81
hi yorkie, i went into next to check through catalogues for that outfit-which of course couldnt be found O:| O:| but i was told if i got the "pos number" from the outfit, i mite be able to get it ordered. Could you help me? You can find this number on the label (im assuming its the same no. on the trousers/shirt/jumper)..its a 6 digit no. that reads like xxx-xxx. would you be able to send this to me as soon as you can?? I really appreciate your help!1 :thnk :thnk :thnk
mammysoon Posts: 25
Hi Dont no if this is any help to you but there is an Irish company that do linen christening wear. They do a lovely grandad trouser & shirt set, its 40euro. On the box it says pure linen by irish touch.
yorkie Posts: 375
Hey MP. Sorry, didn't see your post till now! It's 494-961. Hope they're able to get it for you!
martinpatrick Posts: 81
ah ur a star, thanks a mil! will let you know! :thnk :thnk :thnk :thnk