fat burning after gym

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thismuch Posts: 77
I have heard that you should wait a few hours before eating after you have been to the gym/excersizing for optimum weigh loss as you keep burning fat at this time :D . If you eat this infers with it/slows this down as you burn your food instead of the fat :?: :?: Any idea how this works or if it is true :?: Thanks
jplas Posts: 95
Hmm not sure about this but it would seem to make sense. I mean if your body has no immediate source of energy, ie, food you've just eaten, then its bound to have to use up what its already got, ie, your wobbly bits! The best thing to do after exercise is drink plenty of water or freshly made fruit juice. Also I've heard the best time to exercise is in the first half of the day so that the boost to your metabolism gained by the exercise works on what you eat throughout the day and digests it more efficiently. Having your dinner in the middle of the day is another tip because its more likely you'll be more active again digesting food more easily.
fairy Posts: 327
I was told by my gym instructor that if you are going to have something bad to eat, have it when you are finished your workout, as your metabolism speeds up a bit. He always recommends to eat no later than 20 mns after finishing your workout. fairy
pepperami Posts: 63
you should eat something small within the first half hour after finishing exercise - otherwise the only thing you are doing is messing with your energy stores which will leave you tired and narky and you will probably be starving later on when you will eat twice as much. you don't have to eat a hell of a lot, the best things to eat are bananas/low fat yoghurts/fig rolls/jaffa cakes/small bowl of cereal - and make sure to rehydrate
Mr_D Posts: 38
Hi, unfortunately, many people will have many differing opinions on this. But the scientifically proven answer is that you should avoid eating for 45 mins or so after your work out. What happens is that after your workout, your body looks to replenish itself. The first play to look for energy to do that replenishment is your stomach. The sugars that are in your stomach at the time transfer in to the blood stream. Obviously only the ones that have been broken down sufficiently enough. If your body does not get enough from your stomach, it will start to break down fat which is how you lose weight. If you eat something within that 45 mins you will not be giving your body a real chance to break down the fat unless you've done one hell of a workout and your body needs everything in your stomach and some fat to replenish. You need to strike a bit of a balance here. If you are doing your standard 3/4 times a week workout, then utilise the full 45 mins or hour to help the body to break down fat. Leave your stomach empty. If you have a hectic lifestyle or play a lot of sports, or work out every day, then eat something like a banana afterwards but at the very least rehydrate yourself. But then of course if you are that active, you won't have much weight to lose. A point on rehydration drinks. Avoid the powerades and lucozade sport's of this world if you want to lose weight. By drinking them you are adding isotonic sugars to your system which will go straight from your stomach to your bloodstream and this is what your body will use to replenish your system. You want your body to break down fat and giving your body something else to use for replenishment will slow down the process of burning fat. You will undoubtedly burn fat if your workouts are regular enough and hard enough, but if your idea of exercise isn't vein popping weights or pushing your body hard, then you are doing yourself no favours. Very fit people do benefit from drinks like these and from eating before and after workouts because they don't have the fat to create energy. All their energy needs to be ingested. I hope this helps!