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almost there06 Posts: 322
Can anyone tell do they know where i can get a Fatboy? i know they can be got in this country, somewhere in Mayo...does anyone have contact details? please help..! thanks
Glan Posts: 199
Just PM'ed you his details. Have a look at . Details on that. Tell him you saw his stand at Toys for Big Boys & he might give you a discount. It worked for me.
snozberry Posts: 1212
Ever heard of FATBOY - well, you have now. They are a fantastic new bean bag which has come onto the market. Can be used in all situations including as an armchair. Log on to to view. Contact for your next day delivery to anywhere in Ireland. laineym Posted - 18/08/2005 : 12:26:06 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What are the prices and what kind of discount are you going to offer to eumoms that might decide to buy the fatboy products ....? laineym Fatboy Posted - 18/08/2005 : 12:35:35 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Laineym I'm charging 199 for the originals, 185 for the islands and 89 for the points. Can't do it for any less as the prices to get them shipped are a fortune plus these prices are inclusive of 21% VAT. At this price though, they are excellent though - they're a great product! Delivery charge is 10 Euro to anywhere in Ireland. Thanks for your interest. Hiya just printed this off another forum for mums.... hth.
Calendar Girl Posts: 567
almost there06- I give you my hubby for FREE!! :lol:
almost there06 Posts: 322
[quote:25b0m037]almost there06- I give you my hubby for FREE!![/quote:25b0m037] I appreciate your kind gesture!!! :D :D
Calendar Girl Posts: 567
Shipping might be expensive but I'll ship anywhere now at this stage!!!! Men :roll: (or fatboys!!) that's all I can say!
almost there06 Posts: 322
But what will u replace him with????
tarvalon Posts: 142
Maybe one of those big beanbag chairs?
almost there06 Posts: 322
u'd miss the cuddles though.. :(
Calendar Girl Posts: 567
Wanta bet! :lol: (he's off sick at the moment) and I swear I am waiting for the priest to arrive at the door any minute now to give him the last writes! :twisted: Sorry for hogging your post :oops: hope you found a "real" fatboy! :D