father daughter dance

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Louryn Posts: 17
So for some reason my dad thinks this is a great idea so I'm going to humour him! Anybody done one? Any song recommendations? Less cheesy the better! And when in the reception is it done? Band or dj?
denlo Posts: 124
Father/Daughter - assuming she is the bride is often done immediately after Bride/Groom's first dance so it's the second song. Cheesy is always good :-)
Smilinmaz Posts: 446
I'm a total daddy's girl so I had to have this. We did it after first dance and I asked dad to pick the song.....so much of the organisation was mum and I and I wanted to make him feel involved in some way! He chose 'bridge over troubled water' the lyrics had beautiful sentiment for him always being there for me and vice versa....only issue was he sang the whole thing in my ear to me and I was bawling!!!