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MissyM67 Posts: 337
Hi, Is everyone getting the same suits for groom, groomsmen and the 2 fathers? Is that a tradition or does it look weird that it's so matchy? Thanks
Kerry80 Posts: 35
I'm Actually at this at the moment. We are going "that blue" with the suits that's all in , we have groom plus 3, plus my 11 yo plus dads, and prob several guests in the same colour ! the style of suit , slim fit, does not suit our dads, so we will go with something in keeping with colours that compliment the wedding party. Afterall our mothers aren't wearing the same thing so don't think the dad need to.
daveh Posts: 4
this is gernally the done thing ... i think. we are going with groom, BM and groomsman in tails, with fathers in non-tails version of the same suit. not so matchy :)
Naomi1978 Posts: 88
Groom in suit with waistcoat & tie. Groomsmen in same suit but different waistcoat & tie, father of bride & Groom in same suit with another different waistcoat & tie. That's what we were advised to do
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
There's no right or wrong way, depends what you want to do. All wore the exact same suit/waistcoat with my father & the groomsmen in one tie & my husband in a different tie. We wanted them all matching & my dad doesn't have a nice enough suit anyways to use so was just as easy to hire him one as the rest. He was also secretly chuffed to be included with the groomsmen !