Fathers Day

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Shrub Posts: 956
What you getting the Daddies? *)
clucky Posts: 26471
money its what he asked for
Mrs Lucy06 Posts: 929
My own Dad is away in Dubai for Father's Day so sent cards with Mum for him to open & got him pressies before he went!!! Got my Hubby a Dad to be Card, ordered him the new Liverpool Fc Away Top & taking him out for lunch!!!! Lucy
globalbride Posts: 99
money for shoes what he asked for!!! easy peesy
Topgear Posts: 1559
not to sure yet ..money id say
Singstar Posts: 323
He's taken up golf so got him some new golf clothes, also got him some toffee in a lovely old fashioned metal case.
birdie Posts: 954
NO idea what I'm going to get my own dad but my daughter told me the cutest thing today, they're making father's day cards in school as they always do and she informed me that she's making a "Happy (h2b's name)'s Day" card instead (he's not her dad in case that sounds a bit strange!) Thought it was so sweet!! She's practicing calling him dad though coz she's decided once we're married that's what he'll be!! Aww I'm feelin all squishy now thinking about it! Might get him a likkle pressie myself too, just to show him some of the perks! :o0