Favourite Baby Names???

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Spoon Posts: 207
Hi Girls Just wondering what your fav baby names are???? and waht they mean if you know.... O:o)
clucky Posts: 26471
daniel - after both our grandads keeley - i love the sounds of it and i prefer it to kelly they are my 2 favs
mama sugar Posts: 1387
I love ethan for a boy and Kaylin (similar to yours clucky) for a girl but hubby loves scott for boy and niquita (sp?) for a girl!!!
glittergirlrachel Posts: 279
Noah Adam Michael Sean Eva Lilly Rose Holly Tilly
Mama Smurf Posts: 1447
If its a boy i'm naming him Jack after my granuncle who I was so close to and who died when I was 13. No ideas for a girl yet. I like Emily
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
ours are Aaron for a boy first one in name book! and Ava for a girl just love that one.
miss sixty Posts: 467
I just love Katelyn for a girl!
mama sugar Posts: 1387
mrs e love that too ava - but hubby wasn't too keen...he has no taste!!! ha ha this will make you smile was looking up the baby names last night and what did we see "candida" imagine calling your child that "thrush come in for your dinner" ha ha :o0
Esketti Posts: 936
Mama Sugar, my brothers mother in law is called Candida. Its dreadful isnt it. They call her candy for short, but still, what a name :ooh
Miki Posts: 309
I love, love, love the name Grace for a girl but i also like Emily. For a boy there's a few i think are okay but nothing im mad about, Ben, Luke, Evan & Lewis.