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ozzybride2be Posts: 39
Hi All, I'm planning on wedding dress shopping over Christmas when I'm home for holidays. Can you lovely ladies recommend any bridal boutiques that you thought were good? Preferably in the Dublin area? Also are there any you'd recommend I avoid? I cant abide rudeness or pushy sales people...... Thanks a million!!
Niamh Chinn Oir Posts: 27
Hi Ozzybride2be, I'm planning on doing the exact same thing at Christmas so keen to see responses here about Dublin bridal shops. Going home for Christmas from Melbourne, want to get the dress sorted for the wedding in August. What I've been doing so far is taking note of designers I seem to like and finding out what shops in Ireland or surrounding counties stock that designer, will probably plan a few days shopping around that list.
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
I was dress shopping in 2012 so some shop feedback might be different now, but here's what I found. Had a positive experience in The White Room (Mullingar) and De Stafford (Exchequer St. Dublin). Plenty of space, attentive staff & the sample dresses were pretty clean. Memories Bridal (Parliament St. Dublin) was also a good experience but you don't get to browse, they go select dresses from out back based on what you tell them you like. I kept wondering what else they had that I wouldn't see. Did NOT enjoy my appointment in S h a r o n H o e y (Merrion St). Found the lady herself overbearing & it was a very cramped changing area. I brought 2 BMs who felt totally in the way. They also had the shortest appointment times (think was 40 mins?) and seemed to think they were oh-so-exclusive just because they stock Jenny Packham. Found my dress in Myrtle Ivory but bought it significantly cheaper in a boutique up North. One girl was really nice in Myrtle Ivory, she came over when finished with a prior customer however the other staff member totally ignored us when I walked in with 1 BM & my mam, no hello even, so we just stood at the door looking awkward until the nice girl rescued us. Plus the place is poky and the sample dresses were seriously grubby. Good luck! I would have a flick through wedding magazines first & see where stocks the designers you like, that cuts down the choice a lot.
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Oh and you would probably want to book your appointments soon, they could be closed over the Christmas holidays and busy otherwise, so I would make appointments asap. Some of them might look for a deposit or credit card number to secure your appointment, in case you don't show up.
esla2016 Posts: 214
The Suite on Drury St was lovely - the dresses were lovely, the girls were lovely, I had to call to the door to make an appointment (they are not great at answering phone but figure it's because they are busy) but my friend got quick response from them by email have heard similar from Sharon Hoey before
noanoa Posts: 89
I would say see what designers you like and look them up. The white Room was lovely but didn't like the dresses just not my style, but they are lovely. The Suite was nice again and very nice not pushy. Adorn Bridal - really liked the dresses and the girl was lovely again. Didnt like The Bridal Boutique in Fairview found them very pushy and the dresses very dirty. Ended up getting my dress in Myrtle Ivory - I also looked in a Boutique up north as they had the same designer but the dress was more expensive so got it in Myrtle Ivory. Only the two owners working any time I went in and found both very helpful. Dress should be in in a couple of weeks :hyper:
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Im not in that region but a lot of bridal shops I found closed over Christmas & NY so ring & book early as its such a busy period with people abroad travelling home!
melfort Posts: 43
I had a bad experience in Town Bride. I had gone there with one of my bridesmaids when we were looking for bridesmaid dresses for her wedding and had a great experience, but when it came to looking for mine I found the woman quite rude. She only started being nice when I feigned interest in a dress, even had I loved the dress I would not have bought it there because of her attitude. I found DeStafford lovely to deal with as was the girl in the Little White Dress in Castleknock. I ended up buying my dress in The White Room and I could not fault them at all.
allsĂșn Posts: 253
I got my dress in the bridal outlet in Baldoyle was only the second shop I went to,they were lovely.
MRSDK2B Posts: 46
I went to about 10 different shops around the Dublin/Kildare area. Found everyone really nice and no one was too pushy .... including the girls in Sharon Hoey and in Myrtle Ivory. I had heard bad things about both of those shops and was really nervous going in for my appointments as a result. I think it depends on the shop assistant you get but I had only good things to say afterwards thankfully! I would advise to have a few brands/dresses in mind and make appointments soon to see them!