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nelswife Posts: 3869
Not going to do a poll for this because there is just to many to choose from, but just wondering what your all time favourite christmas film is, one that you love watching every year... Mine is [b:z1afsgj4]Santa Claus, the movie[/b:z1afsgj4], the one with Dudley moore, i watched this every christmas eve when i was younger and love watching it now, every christmas, a day or two before christmas i will pour myself a glass of wine, light a fire and watch it So whats your all time favourite christmas film!!
happyfamily Posts: 3323
Home Alone!!!!
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
Love Actually... :lvs :lvs :lvs
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
I love love love LOVE A Muppet Christmas Carol! Watch is every year with my sister, it's soooo Christmassy. The music is great, it's pretty funny and Michael Caine makes a great Scrooge. Must try and find it in French and force OH's family to watch it this year :o0 Also looooove Miracle On 34th Street (the 1940s version and the 1990s version are both lovely), I love how it makes you believe in Santa Claus all over again :lvs For a more grown-up movie - Love Actually. Too many great things to list!
CrappityCrap Posts: 1468
I love all Christmas movies!! I love Home Alone, Santa Claus the movie, The Santa Clause.... But my fav fav is The Snowman cartoon, watch this every Christmas morning, and now have my dd loving it too!!
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
I have way too many I like. Dh loves 'Its a wonderful life' ....I'll have to think about mine
MinnietheMinx Posts: 2396
Every year I watch A Muppets Christmas Carol and Love Actually I also love Elf
LuckyYear2013 Posts: 3972
Santa Claus and Miracle on 34th Street are my 2 faves, love them :lvs Can't wait to watch them again this year 36 sleeps :o)ll :o)ll
lux Posts: 6270
Miracle on 34th St (old and new), Love Actually, White Christmas, Home Alone, oooooooooooh I :lvs :lvs :lvs Christmas!!!!
Underdog Posts: 78
Bringing the child out in myself, but i loooooove "Miracle on 34th Street"! :lvs :lvs