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PinkyD Posts: 276
:wv hi all, have been on loads on the wedding abroad pages but new here, have only starting telling news recently. Im moving into 15 weeks tomorrow & first scan is Monday week. Hope to get real excited once i see that & get some reassurance that everything is ok. Went to docs at 12 weeks & ask could they try to hear a heartbeat but i was told no point too early. I just keep getting from everyone as long as your not in sever pain or bleeding, everything is normal.... Its sooo hard to believe that completely - anyone with me here? Specially when its your first & your not sure what to expect etc... Anyway, just thought i'd throw the news out there! Wedding now postponed til Aug, give me time for my dress & jimmy chooes to do their dazzling work with my (hopefully) trim booty by then... :o0 Oh well, bubs arriving before time but will be welcomed with open arms! (even if it is out of wedlock) :o0 Hi & good luck to all other expectant mums out there x gills
ElliePellie Posts: 10
Hiya, First of all, congratulations!!! I have a very similar story to yours!!! I'm 13/14 weeks, although this is my third, so also due in Feb 08 and also have postponed my wedding to Aug 08. I am hoping to get married in Italy, what about you?
december29 Posts: 395
Congrats, thats great news!!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Im due Feb 08 too....i know exactly how you feel though....we had a scan when i was 7 + 2 and heard heartbeat and it was the best feeling in the world. Had our 12 wk scan last week and could see babs kicking and sucking its thumb so you are in for a real threat!!!!
PinkyD Posts: 276
aHHH thanks other mammy's to be! We'll be in sync the whole way through so,... yay! Loads of baby/wedding chat to come so... O-O My wedding will be in marbella nxt august & i can't wait for everything next year, am sooo excited! Dress & Shoes taken care of, reception booked, planner inline for all else so other than sending out some form of invitations that's me done til next year! :o)ll