Feb08 brides - anyone got their shoes yet?

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justme Posts: 1700
would i be mad getting sandals for February do you think? saw a lovely pair today very bling bling but might not look good with blue toes :o0 So what did you all get or are you still looking? Theres not much out there at the mo :o(
Lorrainedear Posts: 229
Hi Justme, I've been wondering about this myself, i think i want shoes as opposed to sandals but then if i found sandals i really liked i'd prob get them.. i dunno really, not being much help am i :-8 might just get some fur-lined boots *) Lorrainedear
Mama2 Posts: 1230
I got mine when I was on holiday in Krakow a few months ago. Saw them out of the corner of my eye in the shop window of a kind of granny shoe shop and they're just perfect. They're a cross between a sandal and a peep toe shoe if that makes any sense. I think I would have gone for a shoe if I hadn't seen these.
feb08bride Posts: 656
I haven't even started looking yet. Hoping to start looking over the weekend maybe. Will definitely be getting shoes though, only because i never wear heels so need the suport of a proper shoe. Have ye all yer other accessories sorted. I really must get a move on.
AP Posts: 254
Have seen two pairs I like - basically which ever one matches the sample of material for my dress I'll get! Both shoes. But one of the pairs could be died aftr and wouldn't look like wedding shoes. the others will
Spainitis Posts: 132
Girls where are you finding these shoes??? I cant find any I am looking for ivory sandals as wedding is in Spain. Please help! O:|
AP Posts: 254
London - sorry!
aaaaaaa Posts: 412
I got a fab pair of ivory satin peep toes in new look for 30euro!! I also have them in black and they are really comfie
justme Posts: 1700
[quote="Spainitis":1ior6xs5]Girls where are you finding these shoes??? I cant find any I am looking for ivory sandals as wedding is in Spain. Please help! O:|[/quote:1ior6xs5] Dune have the sandals i was talking about - they would be gorgeous for a spanis wedding they are on the Dune website called kimono i think
chra Posts: 220
Jees shoes, I think I'd freeze in sandals in February. I will definitely get shoes I think, cover up the blue toes. Got my dress today!!!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Less than 6 months to go, I was worried I'd end up with a "rush order". Sorry to change the post a bit but just had to say that I finally got my dress! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll