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justme Posts: 1700
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey, I have booked 14/02/2008. I know February is not a popular month to get married but in my eyes its a great month. its the start of Spring , just coming out of Winter. the days are getting brighter and you have a honeymoon in the sun to look forward to and still a whole summer when you come back Dying to meet other Jan/Feb/March 2008 brides and find out how you are all getting on? So far have booked Cabra Castle and the Great Escape and thats it!
NarkyBoots Posts: 83
Hi there, provisionally booked for 2nd Feb 2008. All depends on finances at the moment to be honest. Things aren't going as planned! :o( We'll be on honeymoon for Valentines and my Birthday so all good! :o)ll
justme Posts: 1700
Hey narkyboots - another night owl ! Let me know if you go for it in the end
snowbride2008 Posts: 786
Hey gals Good to meet others in early 08. Im getting married on 11th Jan 08...in Austria. Cannot wait. Am so so excited. Wow, thats mad Justine, Cabra Castle!! I dont live far from there and have been for dinner and to Weddings there. Great chouce. It is beautiful and the food is to die for. We are actuall going there for Vallies nite....so rosemantic :lvs :-) Have either of ye gals found a dress or started looking yet??
justme Posts: 1700
snowbride , nice to meet you :wv no I havent started looking for the dress yet was thinking of giving it a couple more months and just look on the web and in mags for now. But go ahead if you want to its probably never too early What made you pick Austria, sounds fab
Mrs CB Posts: 113
Hey there fellow Feb brides! We're the 29th Feb 2008... the leap year! really wanted the unusual date. So far we've booked the Church & Priest, Venue, Photographer, got the Pre-marriage course over with, notified the state and done a lot of research. Still stuck on deciding the musical aspect of the bash which is the next big thing we have to book soon. Anymore Feb 2008 brides out there?
snowbride2008 Posts: 786
Hey Justine We decided on Austria because I always liked the idea of a snow wedding. We both wanted something really different and neither of us wanted the big bash thing (me for one would be a nervous wreck) :-) We are also going on our own. Originally we had planned on just immediate family coming but the venue said that the party would have to stay in the hotel that night as they couldnt accomodate extra people in their peak time. We thought of then going to Scotland as we just couldnt expect our families to pay so much. It is very expensive to stay in the hotel we are going to. But then in the end....are hearts were too attached to the fairytale wedding in the mountains. :lvs So what we are going to do when we come back is just have either a dinner with immediate family or a bit of a party and some finger food. As far as dresses go, I am very very particular with the kind of thing I want but I think I have found the one I want:-) I went to Bride to Be in Dundalk a couple of weeks back, just to see if I could get an idea of what shape would suit me cos I was thinking of getting one made. But low and behold....found my dream dress. Just could not beleive it. So what about you Justine, any idea of what style you want??
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
[quote="Cookieb"]Hey there fellow Feb brides! So far we've booked the Church & Priest, Venue, Photographer, got the Pre-marriage course over with, notified the state and done a lot of research. I thought to notify the state the wedding had to be no more than six months in advance and no less than three months??
February Bride Posts: 106
Great to meet other Spring 2008 brides.....we're Feb 1, 2008. So far have booked church, priest, venue, photographer....that's it...probably way behind on everything. But it's so exciting! Oh, and have already notified the state....no problem to do it this early...got confirmation last week....no getting out of it now! Have arranged dress shopping for March 3....so looking forward to that!
Mrs CB Posts: 113
Dancing Queen, You can notify the state as soon as you want its the Church notification, certs and pre-nup enquiry that you have to do between the 6 and 3 months before the wedding. Hope this helps! CB