February 2010 babies

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Mumslove Posts: 528
Thought I better set up this thread for us ladies expecting in February 2010. I'll start off... I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant and due on the 16th February. I had tiredness and slight nausea last week but it's gone for now, so no symptoms right now only the crampy boobs the very odd time which is scarey as I'd lots with dd. Feeling really run down today so I'm planning on staying on the couch today but it's tough when you've a demanding 2 year old. Hoping to go for an early scan in the next week just to reassure myself How are the rest of you feeling? [/code]
fefe Posts: 218
Oops Skertl....there is already a Feb 2010 thread.....see bottom of page.....onto Page 15 already.....come join us!! *)
Mumslove Posts: 528
Oops! I did a search and nothing came up for the thread damn WOL search-CRAP!!!