Fecking Piles!!!!

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stinky Posts: 606
I'm so pissed off. Two weeks ago I got cystitis, then I got thrush from the antibiotics and now it would appear that I have fecking piles too O:| I've had enough with the emabarrasing illnesses affecting my nether regions. I'm not exactly feeling sexy at the moment! Now I have to go to the fecking chemist and ask for fecking pile fecking cream. Anyone know if you can get suppositries(sp?) over the counter in the chemist and what the name of them is. It won't seem as bad if I can just ask for them instead of telling the person I have piles. I know it's not a life threatening illness and doesn't really warrent a rant, I'm just pissed off!
Sonique Posts: 248
Got them before, they are so yuk aren't they. I tried anusol cream b4 & they really cleared up quickly. You poor thing you're really having a bad time of it at the mo with all these illnesses
LJMom Posts: 1100
stinky, I got piles really bad last Christmas & had to swallow my pride & go to the doctor :-8 (at least my dr was female) . You can try over the counter remedies for immediate relief but from my experience in the end they wont work sorry. They are so sore & of course I am pregnant now so will prob get them again :eek Hope you get sorted out. Best of luck ;o)
Mama Smurf Posts: 1447
oh my god you poor thing. Don't worry though they are really common as far as i know and you can get cream which will sort them out. God how does someone get those things anyway?
stinky Posts: 606
Thanks girls. Will go to chemist first and see how I get on. I had to go to the doctor with them before when I was in school. So embarassing! They were really bad then though and don't seem as bad now so hopefully over the counter products will clear them up Hairy molly - too much information warning! You can get them from trying to go too hard :o0 I must have gotten them from trying to pee when I had cystitus - must have been directing the wrong muscles without realising it :-8 Thanks for your replies - Mrs C hope you don't get them again!
NowGone Posts: 8042
You can get them from a bad diet too. Cut down on fats and simple carbohydrates. Eat more fibre - Oatibix is supposed to be good. Lots of brown bread.... Seriously, change your diet to include lots of fibre/veg/brown bread and you'll see results in two or three days... Good luck!!1