Fed up at work!

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manxmrs Posts: 850
My boss has really annoyed me, really taking the p*** with me! He wants me to do a full time sales job in the office alongside my admin duties BUT only get paid a fraction of a full time persons wage and much much less commission than the others! I offered to do half days with the pay he was offering (as I used to do), but says "you're no good to me on half days!" Its so annoying and I feel worthless - I could cry my eyes out.
Elban26 Posts: 2458
Sorry to hear you're having a hard time of it at work, not really sure what to say to you. It's so much harder now to just leave a job, as there are so few out there now. All I can say is I hope things work out for you :thnk
joker Posts: 2789
Is there a boss higher than him...? I think it is definately an employers market at the min, they can tell you anything and treat you anyway and you cant grumble really for fear of loosing your job and the queue of people willing to do your job... Im not sure what the best course of action, could you not just stay in the admin side of your job... If you are been giving extra work nd no extra pay... i 'd just stay with what you were at before...
manxmrs Posts: 850
Basically its do sales or leave! I've had no training in sales nor done it before. I don't really want to leave, but he is really backing me into a corner here.