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december06bride Posts: 245
I am just wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me. i decided to go private to my consultant (paying him €2000) and i feel like he is doing nothing for me. i was with him this morning and i explained to him that i am in terrible pain with my back and was asking him my labour options and he basically told me that it wouldnt affect my labour. He thinks its just from old surgery i have he said the pregnancy has nothing to do with it. I feel really annoyed i just think when you pay so much you should get more treatment
breeze Posts: 1175
I too suffer from back pain but in the last few weeks it has eased. When i went to my Gp at 13 weeks i said it to him, and he said its just my body getting ready for baby. Theres nothing really they can do, my consultant said just to take it easy. Theres nothing worse thatn back pain, you can take paracetamol, use cremes and have warm baths. Have you tried using a hot water bottle when you are in bed.
Flossy Posts: 212
I suffer from back pain too - fractured my back in accident about 12 years ago - I find that hot baths and a hot water bottle in bed really helps too - not sure if there's anything else really that can be done for it. HTH x
silíní Posts: 4219
My friend had this and she found heat packs really helped, i think you can get them in the chemist. Ask your GP/pharmacist maybe??? I feel similar about my consultant, but i've only seen him once! But you do feel like you're paying a lot when they rush you out the door!
Avril Hiswife Posts: 1743
That is just not good enough - a friend suffered from back pain in pregnancy and was advised to swim and use some sort of a belly band thing that really helped. At the very least you would expect that he would discuss whether the old surgery will affect your pain relief options.
newyearbabs Posts: 686
Thats terrible. I suffer with my back as result of car accident 3years ago and I was sent to see the anicitist (sp) who check my back to make sure I was able to get epi because I had scar tissue on my back he was really good and went though all my options he said if the pain got too bad during the next few weeks he'd give me a pain killing injection, which I don't think there is any need for, but at least I know if it gets really bad I have an option. Im public with the community midwives in holles st
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
[quote="Avril Hiswife":3j67d8i5]That is just not good enough - a friend suffered from back pain in pregnancy and was advised to swim and use some sort of a belly band thing that really helped. [/quote:3j67d8i5] Hi December06.. I have to agree with Avril.. I fell off a wall on to my back when I was 12 and have suffered slipped disks etc since and lately I have been having some pain in my tailbone. Anyways we went to our first Ante-Natal class last night and the physio for the Maternity hospital spoke us through th changes in our joints, back etc and advised us that if we ever suffer in anyway to contact them immediately and they can see us if neccessary or at the very least recommend some relief and in severe cases a belly band or brace to support bump so that your back isn't doing all the work and I'm a public patient!! I'd be having a word with your consultant, after all you are paying for a service.