feedback on coming off the pill??

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little miss giggles Posts: 672
Been on the pill for pretty much the past 13 years!! Was thinking of coming off it. No real reason. Not ttc or anything. Just kind of thinking about it. So anyone got any reasons/experiences to tell me???
Bright Star Posts: 756
Pm'd you princess!!! :wv
MamaKat Posts: 189
I was on the pill for years too, came off it, and was pregnant within 2 months!!!!! And i wasn't ttc either, just happened :o0 oh, and I don't know if this has anything to do with my metabolism changing after childbirth (DD is 15 months now), or with not being on the pill, but I have never been slimmer!
little miss giggles Posts: 672
oh - liking the 'never been slimmer' part!!!