I apologise in advance for the length of this post, just want to give as much detail as possible. Our DD, who has Down Syndrome, was mainly breastfed with some bottles as well until she was 6 months. At that time we introduced solids, mainly purees roughly following the Gina Ford method, but the odd bit of finger food too. She took to it all really well and the first month was great. She had to start steroids when she was 7 months and straight away became out of sorts. Around the same time she got a sore throat (not very bad). We really pushed her to drink water/juice as she was constipated (always has been). Practically overnight she went off solids. We didn't panic and just kept offering bits. No joy, so we started to push a little harder for her to eat but then she was just getting upset so we stopped altogether for a few days. She is now 11 months and we are no further along. Sometimes she will eat a few spoons and then stop. Sometimes she will freak as soon as we start to feed her. Mostly she will let us put food in her mouth and then just push it out without swallowing anything. I am starting to get really worried now as no-one has any solutions. Our SALT seemed shocked when she saw us feed her by just how much she resisted. She thinks she made an association with how bad she felt on steroids and the solids. Or that because she is still constipated all the time she doesn't feel hungry. We are trying our best with the constipation but the Duphalac seems to be just making her windy and we still have to use glycerine suppositories to help her to go. I am still breastfeeding and she gets two small bottles of formula a day. We do have an appointment with a nutritionist in Temple St in a fortnight which feels like our last hope, but in the meantime I would love any advice from anyone who has experienced anything like this. I think I'll be posting this on lots of forums so apologies to anyone who has to read this essay more than once :smile: