Feel like I'm over looking something

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anonmouse Posts: 11
I've checked and triple checked, but I cant shake the feeling of forgetting something. Like theres a glaring obvious thing that we are missing. Anyone else having the same feelings at all? We've pretty much got our clothes sorted, have no bridal party to sort out. We're waiting to hear back from venue and cake for visiting/tastings. Not having a photographer, no flowers, have my hair booked. Just really cant shake it, not sure what it is O:|
cond2b Posts: 58
I definitely have that feeling still. Even after listing and checking and rechecking. Can't for the life of me shake it.
Brendan Galvin Films Posts: 15
Have you got a Groom ??? ha ha :)
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Make up, jewellery, food, music, entertainment, guest list, invites?
Groomzilla16 Posts: 55
wedding rings? marriage registration forms? invitations?