Feel like my life is on hold... Anyone else feel like this?

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TheBigDay Posts: 651
Getting a bit annoyed with this whole ttc thing. I feel like my life is on hold just in case this is the month that I get pregnant. Fitness: I lost loads of weight for my wedding, but now have put it all back on and more. Eating a lot of comfort food lately to cheer myself up. I can't justify joining a gym or any kind of keep fit evening class "just in case this is the month I get pregnant" Job: I am in a dead end part-time job. Putting off going out looking for a proper job "just in case this is the month I get pregnant" Holiday: DH and I did'nt go on a big honeymoon, because of time constraints. We would love to go on a big holiday sometime soon, but I keep putting off booking it "just in case this is the month I get pregnant" I am in my mid-thirties and my absolute priority is getting pregnant asap as we would like to have three children, god willing. I am happy to put everything on hold but I just wish I knew how long this is going to take...
Mrs Neadi* Posts: 1128
I hear ya big day. decided on new years day to get back into ww because you know what - won't do any harm to be trim and healthy if I do get pregnant bought a mini stepper because it's low impact and I can use it even if i do get pregnant to keep the oul legs in shape. going away on 2 weekends in february, both involving flights, dithered a lot, will i won't i , am I trying again, am I not , am I ready, am I not. and I just decided. FECK this. This is MY life. If I get pregnant then bloody brilliant but Ive realised it's not going to happen any sooner if I put my life on hold as it has been for the past 8 months. So I took my life back.
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Good god, at least another person feels the same as I do!! I really should start looking for another job but I work shift work and if I ever do get maternity leave, my work pays for 100% of my shift salary: a healthy monthly income. So I am hanging on. We didn't start trying til late last year as we had loads of trips planned but if I'd have known that getting preggers takes a bit more than just coming off the Pill, I would have started sooner. As my sis said to me though, I cannot put my life on hold in case I get pregnant. So I reckon it will happen when it's ready and just live your life. Remember you always find something when you are not looking for it.
corkrebel Posts: 744
The Big Day, I totally understand where you are coming from...having had a m/c last year, getting pregnant again was all that I could think about and it also put my life on hold for a while.... but I have to agree with the other girls that you need to live you life until you get pregnant...do all the things that you will not be able to do when you eventually fall pregnant.. go on holidays, go to the gym, relax and you might suprise yourself that you will fall pregnant quicker!.... I found that stressing and thinking about it too much only got my system in a knot which in it's own way, delays the chances of you concieving.... Best of luck! xx O:o)
feelsobad Posts: 693
Thank god someone else is the same..... I feel exaclty like that - hate my job etc but scared to leave in case i get pregnant - I have never wanted anything so much in my life... it aches at this stage but I realise I can't just spend my life waiting so as of today I am going to take my life back!! or try anyway... thanks for writing this post - thought I was alone. By the way I am on CD8 too - we are twins! :wv
TheBigDay Posts: 651
Thanks for the replies girls. CorkRebel I also had a mc. We got pregnant on our first month trying, we weren't even really trying, not watching cycle etc... Unfortunately that ended in MC. Since then I am completely OBSESSED, We are now on our third cycle trying again. I worry about my age, about not getting pregnant, getting pregnant and having another mc, getting pregnant and having something wrong with the baby. Worry, worry worry! When I had the MC I came across your story on these boards, I am so delighted for you that you are pregnant again, and everything is going so well. It is great when you are at this side of it to see some success stories :thnk I agree with all of you, I need to start living my life again. As you say Mrs* it would be no harm to be a bit more fit going into pregnancy anyway. I feel like the last four months have been like a crazy trip of ups and downs. I need to get my life back!
mammybean Posts: 10364
dont feel like that. i am living my life as normal. when i get pregnant then i will change things...
Sassy Posts: 2269
I try not let ttcing take over my life. I don't let it stop me doing anything because i think it just makes the whole thing harder and i don't need that. I do find though that it is the only thing i can thing about. Maybe thats because i have found out about 12 friends and relations are pregnanat and i have been trying before them. It can just be a bit disheartening. Live you life as much as you can because as beanie girl said when you do get that BFP your whole life is going to change.
round two Posts: 1018
I hear ya big Day I also felt hat I am thinking and planning everything around where I am in the month and with the hope that I will be pregnant. I had an M/c late last year and I have to say that my attitude has changed slightly. If it is meant to happen and meant to stay then it will. I have now booked a weekend break to Europe for St Par ticks weekend and also a min break for Easter, both involve flying and if I am pregnant I am pregnant, how many people have flown pregnant and not even known it. I f I got pregnant next month then I would still be waiting to see and only a few weeks gone at Easter so I am getting on with my life. On the weight front I am also loosing weight and I have spoken to the Doc about this and he does not see the issue with dieting right now. You do not give anything to the baby for at least the 1st four weeks and with how obsessed I am with watching every symptom and testing even before the AF is due I will know in time to watch what I am eating. I hope that this is a help. Good luck and lots of babydust to you
can\'touchthis Posts: 181