Feeling baby movements or not?

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Tigletts Posts: 2904
Morning all... I'm now 21 weeks, and I only feel movements now and then so far, ie once last week and the week before were very noticable. Now I realise that there could be more maybe without me realising it? However, reading my book yesterday (what to expect...) it said that if you don't notice movements every 24hrs after week 20 you should see your Dr. :eek This freaked me out a bit, I'm sure my friend said she didn't feel anything really till about week 25. So I thought it was still early for me and wasn't worried till I read that. What about the rest of you? Thanks.
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I know I will be the same as you,my book says you should feel movement 10 times a day...and if I felt it 9 times I would be freaked! Everyone is different IMO and I was just talking to a girl and shes 17wks and she feels movements every night! For your own piece of mind maybe ask your GP
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Hi Tigletts - I am feeling very much under pressure to be feeling movements now as MIL keeps asking am I having them and I keep coming across stories of people feeling their first movements at 17 weeks. But my GP told me that, on your first baby, you may not feel ANY movement until 22 weeks, especially if you are carrying extra padding on the tummy area (I am!). Could you maybe just give your doc a call Tigletts to get her opinion? I don't think I would be overly worried so early though. That said, I am feeling v. impatient about the movement thing and thought I felt something last night but it might have just been gas (!). Can I ask what yours felt like?
Mum To Be Posts: 15
Sphynx, if its any comfort, I'm 18 weeks tomorrow and haven't felt a thing (I think we are due around the same time) so don't worry. Let me know though when you do and likewise so at least we'll have "movement buddies". Good luck!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
[quote="Mum To Be":28vete79]Sphynx, if its any comfort, I'm 18 weeks tomorrow and haven't felt a thing (I think we are due around the same time) so don't worry. Let me know though when you do and likewise so at least we'll have "movement buddies". Good luck![/quote:28vete79] Great! I'm 18 weeks tomorrow too so we are twins!
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Thanks Sphynx, it's sort of like flutters in the tummy, I think when you feel it you just know that it's the baby. It's hard to describe but it's different to other tummy movements !! I've got my 2nd scan next week on Wednesday, I don't know whether to wait till then and ask or not, I just have the feeling my Dr. will say it's normal! I've asked my friend again too so will see what she says. My book sort of contradicts itself as it says some first movements can only be felt as late as 26 weeks depending on the person. You wouldn't now what to think O:|
Mrs Gill Posts: 223
Im 26 weeks now and feeling movement every day, but still very soft movements and sometimes theres hours between movements. I didn't feel anything til about 22 weeks and was starting to get worried, but everything is fine on the scans. To be honest i would take those books (especially what to expect) with a pinch of salt. I had to stop reading that one as it was freaking me out so much and i was worring constantly about everything. Everybody is different. I was told i have anterior placenta too so the movements are cushioned a bit.
Septbride Posts: 380
Girls, I have posted many times about this and even at over 32 wks, the worry of is it moving enough or not has not eased, although in saying that there is no mistaking baby movements at this stage :o0 !! There is no point in saying don't worry about it because you will anyway, but looking back, yes i was feeling fluttery kind of wobbly feeling from around 18 wks but I defo defo didn't feel regular movements until after maybe as far as 26-27 wks....i don't do the 10 movements per day count because i just would be lying down all day counting!! Some days i swear baby doesn't move at all just has a lazy day so imagine if i was to go to the doctor everytime i didn't have 10 a day...he would sign me in!! so although you should keep an eye on it, i wouldn't be too worried yet, as long as you feel some movement, you should be fine - but only you know when its time to see doc or not - but try not to panic yet because although i thought i would never say it soon enough, you will be black and blue and hoping for a little rest!!
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Thanks Mrs Gill and Septbride..... you're right, those books have me demented at times O:|
Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Hiya tigletts I am 22 weeks now and felt first flutterings at 18 weeks – I have to say there is no pattern to my movements – last week felt very little movement and was worrying as well but over weekend seemed to have become more active with me – I am just counting the days now til my scan so I can see the little one and hear the heart beating away….I do worry sometimes but it is because I don’t know what is normal – I think if I was another few weeks gone and wasn’t feeling anything really I would worry. I am finally feeling the hardness in my tummy as have quite a belly normally so wasn’t sure but defo look preggers now :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Roll on 14th May til i see my little one - you have less than that to wait for yours - isnt it on the 9th May? That will give you some reassurance!!! :thnk