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MRSHAPPY07 Posts: 464
girls is it just me, but I have a wonderful life, never really want for anything a wonderful husband and a lovely home but I just feel miserable I note that my job sucks alrite kinda stuck in a rutt, really need a change but haven't the courgage 2 do it.. I just feel awful today even cried twice!! i feel terrible for crying like such a baby cos I should be grateful for wat I have in life.
naughty Posts: 1144
Hey there, sorry to hear you are going through such a rough time of it. Have you ever suffered from depression before, could it be that? just so you know it can hit anyone at anytime of life..how are you eating, sleeping? How long has it been going on? Have some experience (at least!) of what you are going through so feel free to PM me if you have any questions xx
Jomurphy23 Posts: 14
Dont feel guilty about having a good cry- sometimes its the only thing you need. You should talk to your hubbie about it - maybe go out and do something nice. About the job - I hear ya - I often just get fed up with it all - its a good time to look at night courses - maybe take up a new hobbie - learn a new language.
nelly Posts: 1875
i could have posted that today. Have just gotten my butt kicked for somethin which is approximately 20% my fault but the MD himself. my boss is such a pflick. I feel like running out of here and that my IBS is coming back i am that tense and upset. I can't really moan to anyone because I have it all on the outside (house and hubby both fab). then i was talking to a collegue who works near me who got a 7k raise last year and is on 5k more than me - she deserves it but so do i but instead i get a 3.5 % and 500euro bonus. :o( sorry to steal your moan, just to say i know EXACTLY how you feel to be unappreciated in a crappy job.
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
[quote="MRSJ2007"] note that my job sucks alrite kinda stuck in a rutt, really need a change but haven't the courgage 2 do it.. quote] first off working takes up a large amount of our lives and if that isnt working then it will affect everything else but if you were to change what would it take and what changes would need to be made and what is preventing you