feeling depressed for no reason

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letty Posts: 444
hi girls just wondering is anyone else feeling this way, im just 30 weeks pregnant, and im delighted to be pregnant and really want this baby, but im feeling so low at the moment i cant seem to shake this bad cloud over me, my h2b is great he even bought me roses, chocs, baby outfit on sunday, but all i wanted to do was bury my head under the duvet, and stay there yesterday i didnt even go to work - i just wanted to sleep, and want my h2b to come home from work and be with me, instead i got the dog as he couldnt get off work, today im back in work - but still feel down, is this normal or am i bit crazy,,, need some advice anyone help ive had some family issues and ive been supporting my sister as she got quite ill, even though i say i dont care about the family problems deep down i do, but just tell people i dont care. :cry:
Lucy D Posts: 91
Ah letty you poor thing I know that perhaps being pregnant isn't helping your emotional state at the minute heaven knows myself at this stage I just want to chill out at home have very little interest in work, but you are going through additional worries and I think the worst thing to do is bottle them up and put a brave face on things you need to vent some of your emotions if not on your DH who by the sounds of things is doing a great job looking after you but a close friend or family member its not good to pretend everything is ok when clearly it isn't, my only adivse to you is to get it off your chest after all in a couple of weeks you will need to be at your stringest emotionally and physically to prepare for your babys arrival. Best of luck
MrsHawaii05 Posts: 488
hi letty its quite common to feel down in pregnancy, up and down in fact ! your going through huge changes at themoment emotionally and mentally and its very hard to adjust. i was like that in late pregnancy too and i thought it was bcoz the baby wasnt planned!!! but looking back i was just trying to get my head round being pregnant, and the fact that i was going to have a baby in a few weeks time, on top of every other day to day stuff. and the thing i found was no-one really understood except you as your the person going through it and everyone expects you to be happy all of the time ( your dh/family/colleagues etc. only advice is try keep postive if you can ( hard i know) maybe book a nice meal/weekendaway something to look forward to and keep your mind from dwelling too much , start thinking of baby names/ what youd like in the nursery, your maternity leave anything happy, and th fact you'll have a new baby at xmas!!! such a happy time :D just to let u know it is completely normal mind urself *)
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
Hi Letty, I am due around the same time as you and have found myself on a rollercoaster emotionally.Last week I freaked out over the "list to bring to hospital"..thought this is over the top I can't do this anymore.Everything was getting to me..family stuff..baby stuff..friend's issues I burst into tears toddler tantrum style and went on strike for the day.I am on the omaga fish oils "mor dh something " esp for pregnant women they are meant to be good for this sort of thing. You are not abnormal our bodies are being flooded with hormones.. We should stage a 1 day work stoppage like the taxidrivers to make men realise how hard it can be.xx :lol:
letty Posts: 444
thanks girls for the replies feeling soo much better today - had a chat with my sister and my h2b and feel a weight lifted off my shoulders,,, not goin to worry about the family anymore - just goin to look after myself and make myself happy... thanks for your kind words,,,,,, :lol: