feeling detached from DD

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sally Posts: 1140
This is a funny issue but just wondering does anyone feel the same? I used to love playing with DD, painting and drawing and reading books but somehow since I got pregnant I feel its a chore and have to make myself get down on the floor and play whereas I was never like that before. She loves when I get down and play with her and I feel guilty if im fobbing her off... im wondering is anyone else experiencing this, I have a theory its a physcological thing and im unconciously detaching myself from her in preparation for the new baby both to detach me from her as I have another baby to think of and to get her used to me not being as emotionally available. This sounds like gobble di gook I know but its a theory ive come up with. Anyone agree? (I must sound like a terrible mum :-8 )
Wife09 Posts: 873
Ah you poor oul thing. Please dont feel so bad. Im on my first and Ive lots of nieces and nephews I love playing with but I cant do as much with them as I used too. Possibly thats a theory alright but you are human and your pregnant and its hard. 'Get down on the floor' I find it hard getting out of bed. Give yourself a break hun!! Your not a neglectful mother your just not able to do what you used to do because you pregnant. I know you feel bad over that but its not like you woke up one morning and decided Ill never play with my kids again!!!!!!! All you can do is your best, you've a bump to look after too now!! Hope you feel better about it!!
Mammyof2 Posts: 27
Don't feel bad I know exactly how you feel - I was a little like that when expecting number two and DD was only just over a year old. It's tough being pg and having a little one. It can be hard to muster up the enthusiasm due to tiredness sickness hormones etc. Does NOT mean you are not a good mammy! Take care of yourself x :xxx