Feeling Dizzy?

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Mum-2-be Posts: 108
Just wondering if dizziness is a normal symptom? I'm about 5 and a half weeks and I have the other usual feelings of feeling nausous and feeling tired and bloated. But I am getting mild bouts of dizziness and forgetfullness - Is this a normal pregnancy symptom or a symptom of being blonde :o0 Should I mention it to the doctor?
swissgirl Posts: 2301
absolutely normal :o0 You've got about 9 months of putting keys in the microwave in front you :thnk
Mum-2-be Posts: 108
THanks swissgirl, good to know that! I've been doing the stupidist things, I walked out of a cafe last Saturday, was a good 10 mins away when i realised that I left my handbag behind! :-8 Spent 5 mins trying to open my front door yesterday, thought the lock was broken, then realised I was turning the key the wrong way! :-8 :-8 :-8
MissieGold Posts: 1124
[quote:2ehj6mzu]absolutely normal You've got about 9 months of putting keys in the microwave in front you [/quote:2ehj6mzu] I agree. get your doctor to check your blood sugar and blood pressure just in case but I had quite a few dizzy spells in the first trimester and as for the forgetfulness well thats been pretty much my life. Having real problems with peoples names (always had but now its worse!) and I keep leaving my purse in work. So embarrassing finding myself about to pay for something in work then realising Ive no purse in my bag :-8 :-8 The girls in the local shop just laugh at me now....
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
I was trying to tell DH i wanted spagetti bol for dinner last night and i couldnt remember the word "spagetti" i kept saying pisgetti, gispetti and he was standing there laughing at me. I was trying to tell a story to a girl in work about our receptionist Anne and i couldnt remember her name so i tried to say "the receptionist" but couldnt remember the word for it either, so i had to say "the girl that sits at the desk over there". :-8 Its terrible.