feeling faint and shortness of breath

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toesies Posts: 436
Hi all, anyone else have this?? Only started this morning, didn't do much yesterday so am not exhausted or anything, keep needing to sit down and have glass of water, feel fine then after a few mins of that but the second I get up again the faintness and short breath starts, also have people over for dinner in two hours!
Gingham Posts: 3014
cound be your blood pressure has gone abit low...try lying down with your feet elevated....keep hydrated could be baby is putting pressure on your lungs aswell keep drinking loads of fluids
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Read in my pregnancy book yesterday that this is quite common, particularly later on in pregnancy. I had thought fainting and dizziness was only in the first trimester but seemly not! Hope you are feeling better today.
SGirl Posts: 2542
This happens me regularly throughout the day, due to low blood pressure, i have to sit down all the time, and if i dont il get blurred vision, feel faint, and have to lie down!!! Still check it out with DR next time you're into them
toesies Posts: 436
thanks ladies for your replies, I feel much much better now, it was a shock as have had very little problems with this pregnancy and often forget I am apart from the big kicks!!! Back in docs next week will check it out, thanks!!! :thnk