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Angel! Posts: 1494
Girls, I'm feeling great this week. I've been running every morning before work for the last couple of weeks. First week was hard cause my body was getting used to the running again. But this week I feel on top of the world !!! I do 6k every weekday morning. Up at 5.45am. In the gym at 6.30. Showered and in work by 8 ! I'm afraid to go to WW tonight though cause I had a very stressful weekend and ate everything in sight. I'm positive that I've gone up this week, despite all the running :o( Anyway, this is my attempt to tighten up the wobbly bist left over from the weight loss. And I feel fantastic for it !!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Only 6 weeks to go. If I can do this, anyone can. So get those runners on girls and just believe that you can do it. Even a walk to the shop is brilliant !!!!
Reecespieces Posts: 927
Fair play to you Bokkie
sue27 Posts: 604
Well done, I am sure with all the exercise you'll be fine at WW tonight! I am just trying to get back in shape after wedding and honeymoon (and a few extra weeks off...). Joined the gym on Friday and been every morning this week. Planning on 4 times a week (weekdays, as gym is around the corner from work), 3 times a full our, and once just half an hour cardio. Keep it up! and good luck for tonight! :thnk
Gabby Posts: 2873
fair play to you bokkie you are a great motivator. I took up running a couple of motnhs ago and loved but I prefer to run outside and this crappy weather has put an end to it so joined some gym classes instead and I try and go for a walk in the mornings before work if weather permits. Anyway fair play to ya keep it up and its great you are enjoying it
Angel! Posts: 1494
Thanks girls, I'm just so motivated now with only 6 weeks to go :eek :eek :eek I have so much more energy now during the day. Going in the mornings suits me so much better than going to the gym on the way home from work. You just feel great the whole day !!! It will all be worth it when I'm strolling along the beach in Mauritius, and not causing an eclipse of the sun when I bend over to pick up seashells :o0