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koala Posts: 202
My H2B's family are going on a weeks holiday and everyone is invited. I can't take the week off ,so I was going to go for a long weekend. They could have picked anywhere in the world ( well that Ryanair fly to :o0 ) but FSIL decided on a really hard to get to area. Instead of flying Friday, as was the plan, the flight is Sat evening. I'd have to leave Monday lunchtime and would spend a forture on flights through the tour operator. So I said I wouldn't be able to go, gave the reasons above, thinking FSIL would consider a desitation a bit more accessible. But they booked it. :o( Now I have to spend a week on my own when H2B goes and listen to them saying how terrible it is I can't go. Feeling very sorry for myself :o(
pluto Posts: 3893
Aw, that's lousy, I'd be peed off as well. You and your h2b should plan something else for the 2 of ye so that you have that to look forward to. *)
happychick Posts: 557
ah poor you, that's unfair but think of the fact that you won't have anyone hogging the duvet for a week!!! :o0