Feeling really down

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keyra Posts: 801
Hi Ladies, Just feeling really down and alternate between being cross and weepy with about the last week or so, its probably my damn hormones but i am really struggling with this pregnancy business. I had several disastrous pregnancies before this (Ectopic and miscarriages) and was so delighted that please god this one will result in a little baby. I feel really ungrateful for being like this, and i know what a struggle it can be for some people to get pregnant. I have the best DH in the world and i know he loves me but i feel he has no interest in the baby, he rarely asks about it and hardly ever touches my bump and its really starting to get to me. Im also absolutely terrified of having to give birth and as each day passes i know the day of having to give birth is getting closer (have just bought the gentlebirth programme so hope this helps), i worry that i wont be able to cope with the pain on the day or that i wont be able for the pushing. Sorry for the rant but am starting to worry that i will never snap out of this :o(
miracle_baby Posts: 798
Sorry you feel this way, hope you feel better soon, you have a precious baby inside you :xox :xox
Baby4Us Posts: 351
Hi Martha. Could you sit your DH down and tell him how you are feeling? Tell him you need more from him at this time. I know you'd rather it came from him instinctively but maybe he's feeling apprehensive as well because of all you've been through. You might find a good chat could clear the air and bring all *3* of you closer together *) As for labour i can't advise really but just from my own experience as it gets closer i find i am less fearful of it. I am getting more excited about meeting my baby and getting more impatient to not be pregnant anymore, these thoughts are helping me to see "labour" in a positive light. Take good care of yourself :xox
keyra Posts: 801
Thanks, Think i will speak to DH, suppose he doesnt know how im feeling unless i tell him and i know he doesnt really see it as a baby yet, just see that his wife has a very fat belly and is turning into a bi*ch!
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
Hey Martha, firstly, don't be too hard on yourslef hun, you have been through a rough time to get to this point right now, and you are feeling anxious and vulnerable and god only knows what else. I do think you need to open up to your hubby! To be honest, I really don't think for any man, that it becomes reality until baby arrives! I feel like all I'm talking about at home is the baby, and the hubby is thinking 'here we go again'...! Men are just different. My hubby is great, but to be honest, he hasn't really touched my bump either, and in some ways I feel that we have distanced (on the physical front) a little, but in other ways I feel so close to him! What you should do, is when baby is kicking, take your hubby's hand, and make him put it on your belly!!! My hubby is not very affectionate, and I am dying for him to feel baby kicking, but he hasn't properly yet. Some guys feel like they are alienated when their partners are pregnant, so try to include him, if you haven't already.....and don't take 'that he's busy' or whatever as his answer. try to think of the positives - the more you get through your pregnancy, the sooner you'll meet the little person that you and hubby created! :xox And just for the recordm you aren't turning into a Bitch, you are getting ready for the most (hugs)))))) sue