feeling so crap about myself!

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jen0807 Posts: 42
hi ya girlies just need a little moan! im so sick of my weight O:| im getting married in aug but i just seem to have no motivation at all!!!!! i get home from work n the last thing i want is hitting the gym.. im a 14 to 16 i no its not huge but im getting to the stage where i hate going out now, feel like shite in all my clothes just dnt no what to do! im stuck in a rut and i need to do something FAST! i dont wanna be walking down the aisle this size!! im 12 stone!! i hate it!! id love to be about 9 stone but i just cant seem to see how i'll manage to shift it! tried weight watchers lost a stone n a half b4 so i no it can be done its like iv lost all my get up and go!!!! joined a place in swords motivation weight loss and first week i lost 3 and a half lb last week i put on 1 and a half i feel useless :o( O:| sorry to go on and on but im at my wits end!!! xxxxx
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Ok Jen, listen. There is not a woman in Ireland who hasn't put on at least a pound and a half in the last week so you are being very hard on yourself. Anyone who doesn't put on a bit of weight over Xmas is not enjoying themselves very much. August is pretty far away. Start walking...it is a great way to lose weight. Walk everywhere. I think you will find it easier to motivate yourself in the new year. Go easy on yourself....
sillysocks Posts: 1390
I've put on nearly half a stone in the last week and a half!! I think the easiest way to do it is small changes - don't try on 1st of January to only eat raw veg, to go to the gym for two hours a day, and to not drink another drop of alcohol. For the first week or two focus on the food side - I think weightwatchers is great (lost about 3 and half stone doing it), and just be honest with yourself when you're doing it. For the gym - I find if i can make myself go in the mornings before work its great because its out of the way for the day, and I can sit around for the evening doing nothing if i like guilt free! As well, its less likely that something ill come up in the morning to distract you from going. Supposedly exercising before breakfast is quite good for weight loss as well. But as I said try concentrate on eating well at the start - for the majority of the weight I lost it was all just changes in eating. And I don't believe in existing on rabbit food either! Keep a few points every day for some crisps or bar of choc. Things like changing to diet drinks and low fat alternatives for food can make a big difference.
ginger nut Posts: 5989
hi jen don't beat yourself up too much - lots of us struggle with our weight and despite all our best intentions don't go to the gym, exercise etc as much as we say we will. as the others say august is still a long way off - the recommended weight loss is 1 -2 lb a week - august is 8 months away which means you have loads of time to get the weight down without resorting to crash diets, fads etc. eat sensibly - which means cutting out the crap - biccies, chocs, snacks etc which are loaded with calories. Sensible brekkie (i found porridge used to really set me up for the day) helps the mid morning cravings for something sweet. when i am trying to lose weight i reduce but don't cut out the carbs - ie i'd have cereal or toast for brekkie a sandwich for lunch but then just have meat/chicken/fish with veggies for dinner. do you drink cappucinos/lattes/hot chocolate at all? these are the devil for being loaded with calories - the occasional one is no harm but if you are drinking several a day it can really add up. Cut them out and replace with regular coffee with skim milk. water, water, water.....sometimes apparently we mistake thirst for hunger so drinking a glass of water when you feel hungry can help avoid eating too much. walk, walk, walk.....i hate gyms and found that if i went for a walk every day i felt much better physically and mentally - and it costs nothing (other than the cost of a decent pair of runners and a few tracksuits). do it every day for a week and then it will have become a habit that you dn't want to be without. booze - keep it for a treat - i find that if i drink i tend to eat more (not to mention all the junk food cravings i'd have the morning after the night before) - and there's a lot of empty calories in alcohol. treat yourself from time to time otherwishe you'll go insane and nothing's worth that...and if you do fall off the wagon into a double portion of choc fudge cake with whipped cream on the side it's not the end of the world...put it behind you and get back to healthy eating. sorry for long, rambling answer - hope it helps. best of luck
Picasso Posts: 645
Ginger Nut, that's a great post with some real down to earth advice :thnk Jen, we are all in a similar boat so don't despair. I am getting married in June and the diet started yesterday. The only other piece of advice I can give you is to try and have a 'weight loss buddy' and then you can encourage each other week by week. Good luck :wv
thirdtimelucky Posts: 857
Jen, I feel like I wrote your post. I was out with some friends last night, and felt so big and frumpy compared to some of them. One of them went from a size 12 to an 8 AFTER she had her baby. She let me in on her secret.. camomile tea and lemon in the morning, peppermint tea after every meal and fruit/herbal teas throughout the day. She reckons it helped with digestion and curbed sweet cravings. I'm going to give it a try along with the gym and healthy eating. It's not faddy and easy enough to factor into your day, so maybe give it a try? Good luck missus and don't let it get you down. :thnk
Belleboo Posts: 924
Hi Jen, you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. You've said in your post that WW worked for you before so why not go back to the old tried and tested? I agree totally with ginger nut and picollo - walking is excellent exercise and if you do at least five 30 to 40 minute walks every week the weight will fall off you in conjunction with healthy eating choices! I went from a size 12 to an 8 in about a year, (i'm not the friend of the previous poster by the way!!) I took my time and didn't do crazy things like not eating and I walked loads! I was after a baby so had a great reason to go out walking with the buggy - to get her to sleep!!! Oh and Boots have a really handy little book called make one change - if you're in town pick one up!
poodle Posts: 596
jen,i feel like that too but after looking at my gym membership that i paid for and never used over 2 mths ago , i kicked myself into gear today and went swimming and am going to the gym 2moro.And guess what , am still the same size but i feel better about myself.there's only one way to do it and you're not alone but the minute you start ,even in a very small way , its a step in the right direction.best of luck :wv
jen0807 Posts: 42
awww thanks girls for that! will keep u posted on how im doing!! feel a bit better about it now! think my problem is that i start the diet today and i just wanna wake up skinny in the morning hahah if only it was dat easy!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx
justme Posts: 1700
Hi Jen, sorry to hear you are feeling so fed up If it makes you feel any better i am getting married in a matter of weeks and i stuffed myself over christmas and did no exercise at all. You have till August, you will do just fine, and at least you dont have Christmas slap bang in the middle of your wedding preperations so just see January as a start over