Feeling the pressure @ 20 weeks!?

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carmac Posts: 93
Hey girls! Am just looking for a bit of advise! I'm almost 20 weeks along - this is my first pregnancy,hence the question I guess! Since yesterday I am feeling some pressure sort of underneath my bump,sort of at the bottom of my tummy.. I am not in any pain its just a bit uncomfortable! Is this normal? I am thinking possibly the baby has moved & is now pressing down a bit more or could it be something else?! Any advise or experiences would be great :)
serenity Posts: 3675
Hi Carmac, I have had this pressure too but it was from about 24/25 weeks and when in with consultant he said it was coz babies head was right down (obviously not engaged) but it was putting pressure on that area including my bladder. At night, it's like it starts to head bang off my bladder... Very uncomfortable but reassuring nevertheless!!! Other than the position of the baby being like mine, I am sorry, but I cannot think of what else it might be. If you are worried or concerned, I would always say to check with your GP or consultant.... xx
Ivy F Posts: 2023
I've been feeling pressure in the pubic area, so lower down than yourself, & my OB told me today that babs' head is too low (she was able to push it back with her finger!!! :eek ) & that I shouldn't be doing as much walking as I am... I didn't realise at all that I was over-exerting myself. It turns out that all those who say "Take it easy!" aren't kidding!