feels like a silly question

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Sooexcited2011 Posts: 114
Im in the middle of making our 'Save the date' cards and just wondering do you put the name of the hotel where the reception is or is that a big no, no. I just thought it might be a good idea to stick the hotel name and number on it in case someone wants to book into it, most people will be staying over so thought this might get the ball rolling so we can increase the block booked rooms if lots of people call. Thanks ... the to-do list is getting bigger not smaller!! :eek
JustBecause Posts: 3242
Save the dates don't usually have the venue on them but if it's going to suit you better then by all means put the hotel details on it. Sounds very sensible to me. [quote="Sooexcited2011":ebzlxgqp]Thanks ... the to-do list is getting bigger not smaller!! :eek[/quote:ebzlxgqp] Oh i know that feeling ;o(
abeautifulceremony Posts: 263
Hi Sooexcited Definitely not a silly question!! I don't believe in them! I personally wouldn't put the name of the hotel on the "Save the date" card. Actually, I recieved one today from one of my couples' and all they have is: "their names" are getting married on the "date" Please save the date From the hotel side - i remember working in hotels, and it can be difficult for them to have guests calling booking rooms before they have all the information from you. You might want to make sure that you have all your immediate family/bridal party rooms reserved first before you let your other guests book theirs. Also, if you have negociated a wedding rate for the hotel - also check that guests know to mention you both to get the special rate. Probably the best thing to do would be let your hotel know that you're telling your guests.. On the other side, if you don't put it down - you might have an on-slaught of guests calling you asking for the hotel details so they can ring. Which might be a little bit of a pain in the rear.... :o0 :wv
Sooexcited2011 Posts: 114
Thanks so much. I might chance putting it on, Im going to get lots of texts, calls, emails from friends asking me where we have booked if I dont pop it on. All of our close family are booked into the hotel so its grand. I'm going to put 'Invitations & more details to follow', that might sort it out. My god, this is a full time job!!!! Cheers x
meandmyman Posts: 116
we got our save the date cards free from the hotel and they have our names the date the name of the hotel plus a number they can ring for a wedding rate room booking. takes a lot of the hassle out of it!!! :D