Fell down stairs

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workingmom Posts: 3429
Hi girls, well I was at a wedding yesterday and I tripped and fell down a nice set of concrete stairs, I landed on my bum, so I have a bruised and swollen ankle, a sore hip to knee and a sore shoulder. I got such fright. I have had stretchy pains in my side since I fell, and DH wants me to go to the doctor, but I feel fine, have no bleeding or anything, so I wonder if it's necessary? I was so embarrased to fall, I'd say everyone thought that I was drunk, and I had only had one glass of wine all day, anyways, so long as babs is OK, I don't care...
theoracle Posts: 7664
You should absolutely most definitely get checked out, your DH is right!
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
I've fallen three times during my pregnancy the last time was full blown landed on her !!! Perhaps see how u r tomorrow and if ur still not feeling 100% go to doc, am sure babs is perfectly fine, they have loads of cushioning in there !!!
Poppit Posts: 2042
Gosh you must have got such a fright. I'd go and get checked out just to be on safe side. Also to get your ankle etc checked out. Am sure babs fine tho. As Mrs Bambi says they have plenty of cushioning in there..
sinion Posts: 6050
Snap, I fell down the stairs yesterday, it's so frightening. Thankfully I just landed hard on my bum and slid a few steps, didn't hurt bump at all. But babs was so quiet for a good hour after, had to get my doppler out I was so worried. But it was back to normal soon after. Yours was quite rough though, particularly as they're concrete steps, I would get checked out just to be safe.
under construction Posts: 3458
Mrs GK and Sinion hope you are both doing ok now, you both must have gotten such a fright. Mrs GK what harm would it do to go get checked out, it would put your mind and ease and DH's too. Hope you are both doing well
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Call the nurse in A and E of yur maternity hospital and have a chat with her as to whether you should go in, just to reasssure yourself!
alton Posts: 3077
You poor pet! Glad you're feeling ok. If your maternity hospital has a physiotherapist it might be no harm to get yourself checked out because this is not the time to put your back out! A friend of mine slipped on her back-garden decking when it was icy and landed on her bum. It wasn't that bad at the time but a couple of weeks later she was having awful trouble with her back. Apparently its much easier to sort those things out straight away than when it gets too bad to bear. Sorry! Not trying to scare you but I would get someone to have a look. Better safe than sorry.
Mammypig Posts: 832
girls, you should go and get checked out. will put your mind at ease anyway.