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choclover Posts: 61
Hi girls, Having an early scan this week in Femplus, will be 10 weeks. Just wondering do you need to have a full bladder for this? Any of ye who have gone there, how did u find them? Thanks *)
Sweetcheeks08 Posts: 317
I had a scan done there at 8 weeks and i didn't have a full bladder. There wasn't alot to see either but i just wanted to make sure the heart was beating and the pregnancy sack was in the correct place :-8 and everything was fine *)
Woodstock Posts: 1565
hi, i had my early pregnancy scan there at 11w5d I rang them that time asking them about a full bladder but the said no, just bring yourself! I think it depends on how many weeks you are, a full bladder might help seeing more if you're at the very beginning and babs is small, but at 10 weeks you shouldn't need it - give them a ring perhaps? Just to be sure.. Dr. Rita Galimberti is Italian and she's very nice. I didn't have to wait too long and she tried to take nice pictures (she gave us 3) and sent off a letter to my GP with a copy of the scan. But be warned, the scan only lasted 5 minutes, so enjoy every second of it! If there are no parking spots outside, you can park outside Roselaw S.C. and walk from there, it's only a few mins up the road. Enjoy! :-8
05bride Posts: 314
I had my first scan at 13 weeks and was told to have a full bladder to enhance the quality of the scan image.
choclover Posts: 61
Thanks for the feedback girls, will let ye know how I get on. Fingers crossed all goes ok *)
lisa Posts: 1612
I had private scan done at 10 weeks and had to have full bladder. It makes picture so much clearer. When I went for my proper scan at 15 weeks I didnt drink loads and gynae asked me to drink a few glasses too. Seem to be the better option.